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Commission Prices

I now accept commissions through artistree.
You can make requests for commissions here:

Will draw:

  • Anthro

  • Feral

  • Gore

Might draw:

  • Humans

  • Robot

  • Mechanical

Will not draw:

  • Fetishes

  • NSFW

Full body complex - 20 USD

Illustration simple - 50 USD

Full body painted - 90 USD

Illustration complex - 90 USD

Illustration Painted - 120 USD


12 USD per extra character

15 USD for Extra details (power effects, armor, weapons, detailed accessories)


If you would like to commission me put in a request through Artistree or Ko-fi


You can also contact me through:

Deviantart | Ko-fi | Furaffinity

I use Artistree, or Ko-fi for payment.

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